(Big thanks to MOD-bud for creating this marvelous header)

Welcome to a brand new edition of OOTW! Fashion killers MOD-Cassie and Ramy are here to deliver the best dressed costumes around the hotel.

OOTW will be judged each week, so you have plenty of time to prepare and win the prizes up for grabs! First of all, we would like to give a special thanks to those who made an outfit, we absolutely loved going through all your incredible entries!

Our previous theme was HARRY POTTER...

c1xOq5J.gif Moofy  hIjG6lR.gif autumn   Lovelove33

Please see MOD-Cassie or Ramy within a 2 week period to claim your prizes.  

c1xOq5J.gif First Place: Maroon Rare, 20,000 credits, 5,000 Duckets & Golden OOTW Badge.

 hIjG6lR.gif Second Place: Maroon Rare, 15,000 Credits, 2,500 Duckets & Silver OOTW Badge.

  Third Place: Maroon Rare, 10,000 Credits, 1,500 Duckets & Bronze OOTW Badge.


Thanks to Socks for creating these adorable badges!


All entries are due in by  JANUARY 25TH, 11:59PM GMT.

ONE entry per user.

♣ Do NOT add any backgrounds or edit your outfit in any way.

♣ Do NOT submit outfits that don't relate to the theme.

♣ Do NOT use enables in your entry - we want the outfit only!

♣ Be facing forward in your submissions (see below).

♣ No plagiarism!

♣ Try to be creative as possible!

All you have to do is create an outfit that fits with the theme, then simply :screenshot and upload to imgur/prntscr. When you are happy with your screenshot, click on the SUBMIT button below and follow on from there!

All entries are due in by JANUARY 25TH, 11:59PM GMT.


- MOD-Cassie and Ramy