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Cam asks MOD-Ramy: If you could move to any other country, what one and why?
MOD-Ramy: Spain, idk!

EwDieLie asks MOD-johnny: What's inside the box mel gave you?
 MOD-johnny: sugar, spice and everything nice :)

Gabbi asks MOD-Ferloyd:If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you have want to seen?
I would want to see you yourself Gabbi. <3

Vince asks: If you will put an enable (made by you) in hotel, What is it?

Wouto head
Day: Buff enable because everyone could be me.
Amy:  I would make a pickle enable for MOD-tbh <3
 M: er no idea
 gab: a hacking tool, what else can it be?
 ikr: nooo idea
 ashleyy: a sparkly dog enable !
 niks: Pizza enable, so I could live as the best food ever
 jules:carry dog breed e.g. :carry dog pug, :carry dog labrador, :carry dog husky etc
 MOD-johnny: i hav no idea :( LOL
MOD-tbh: an enable where u turn into a pickle
 MOD-Chelsie: hmmm a princess 1
MOD-Ramy: :enable 108
 MOD-ellie: Angel wings
MOD-howan: enable 0
MOD-Matt: some food
MOD-Carlos: Enable of Full superhero suit with their powers
MOD-Ferloyd: I don't do enables, so :enable 0. LMAO
MOD-Indigo: I'd put in a halo for all my boon angels xx

kid asks: What are you going to name your future son/daughter?

Wouto: Wouto jr
Day: MOD-Nelsie
Amy: This is ironic coming frm user kid XD
 M: not tommy
 gab: uhhh, king gabriel / queen gabriella because he / she is going to be raised by a real majesty.
 ikr: Katie/Zion
 ashleyy: i don't want kids i don't like them i want lots of rescue animals
 niks: honestly I don't know LOL
 jules: idk i have a thing for names starting with i or any vowel but mostly i
johnny: gab coz he fab
MOD-tbh: pickles
 MOD-Chelsie: i like freddie for a boy and sophie or isabella for a girl!!! 
MOD-Ramy: Eyad
 MOD-ellie: tomy
MOD-howan: anything but tomy
MOD-Matt: i hav no idea tbh
MOD-Carlos: Boy: Carson. Girl: Andrea
MOD-Ferloyd: If it's a girl, I might name her Sofia. If it's a boy, I might name him Zack.
MOD-Indigo: LOL No way am i having anymore but my childrens names are Oscar, Lewis, Riley, Mason and Phoebe.

asks: What is your favourite fast food restaurant?

Wouto: McDonalds
Day: uMmMmmM curry or maccas
Amy: I loooove this place that make gourmet hotdogs 
 M: mdonalds or nandos
 gab: mcdonalds!!!
 ikr: mcdonalds omg :)
 ashleyy: mcdonalds aka my second home
 niks: probably kfc
 jules: none they all make me uncomfortable
 MOD-johnny: kfc, jollibee, mcdonalds lol
MOD-tbh: mc donalds bc their pickles taste so good!
 MOD-Chelsie: subway
 MOD-ellieMcDonald's or subway
MOD-howan: mcdonalds I guess?
MOD-Carlos: chik-fil-A ❤️
MOD-Ferloyd: Big Tasty from Mcdonalds. <3
MOD-Indigo: Subway! 

 artemis asks: What's a popular food you find disgusting?

Wouto: Sprouts
Amy: OLIVES yuck
 M: sushi
 gab: ERM irdk, i love food so.. :P
 ikr: tomatoes
 ashleyy: sweet potatoes they're nasty as heck
 niks: Erm, not really any popular foods I dislike tbh!
 jules: bacon is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen
johnny: im not rly picky wit teh foods that I eat.
MOD-tbh: any type of seafood EWWWW VILEEEEEEEEEEE
 MOD-Chelsie: bacon
 MOD-ellie: errr meatballs
MOD-howan: salad...?
MOD-Matt: egg. makes me sick thinking about it (puke) 
MOD-Carlos: Fries with ketchup; hell no. Ketchup infects them.
MOD-Ferloyd: Tacos. DON'T KILL ME.
MOD-Indigo: Baked Beans... grim!

 zoey asks: If you could be any super hero, who would it be and why?

Wouto: Myself
Day: Id be Superman because Im pretty close already.
Amy: I’d just stick 2 being myself :P
 M: a mix between superman, spiderman iron man and batman
 gab: dont need any superhero bc im strong enough :)
 ikr: wolverine becos hes so badass.
 ashleyy: black widow bc she's badass
 niks: probably the black widow cus she's badass :)
 jules: susan storm because shay said so
johnny: my dad, coz he my superhero inrl :)
MOD-tbh: i dnt believe in them so none
 MOD-Chelsie: eeek superman so i can fly to aus x
MOD-Ramy: Iron Man because I'll be rich af
 MOD-ellie: Negasonic teenage warhead
MOD-howan: wonder woman cuz I can wear bra and show my boobs
MOD-Matt: none bc im better than all of them so.
MOD-Carlos: Spiderman ofc, because swinging around and climbing and ofc the awesome suit.
MOD-Ferloyd: I would be Batman, cause money's my bae.
MOD-Indigo: Elastigirl cos it would be so convenient. 

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